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Posted By admin on 10/30/12 - Bookmark Anal Sex Dolls
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They had been together for a couple of months and she could tell some-thing wasn’t right. All men check out other girl’s asses, but he wasn’t going slack jawed and hitting a thousand yard stare as if he were thinking about more than just the shape of a girls backside.

Finally she found his anal sex magazines and it was obvious what was wrong. He wanted to fuck a girl in the ass and he didn’t think she would do it. Boy was he wrong. She had been meaning to try it for longer than they were together.

After reading some pointers in his magazines she gave her boyfriend her backside so he could fuck her doggy style. Once his cock was good and wet she pulled up a little bit too far and then she pushed her anus down onto his rock hard cock. He instantly reached forward and grabbed her legs to thrust his cock down to the hilt inside her tight ass.

She couldn’t believe how big his cock felt inside her butt. It made her extra wet thinking about his cock as if it were really nine inches long and five inches wide. She rubbed her clit and she was amazed at how hard she came. And the best part was she couldn’t get pregnant!

Anal Angels updates weekly and gives you unlimited access to an entire network of sites. Before you start bitching about European actresses think about it this way… they do the things their American counterparts won’t!

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Posted By admin on 10/30/12 - Bookmark Anal Sex Dolls
amateur_couple_anal_sex_video my_gf_loves_anal_sex

This site was created for and by people that just don’t give a fuck about common decency. My GF Loves Anal accepts video and picture sub-missions from amateur couples all over the world. Thank God for young people and youth being wasted on the young too. Without their impulsive thinking these amateur anal sex videos never would have seen the light of day.

Why I bet this couple isn’t even together anymore… though I don’t think I could ever leave a bitch that loves anal as much as his GF seems to.

The way I see it you have two options. Go with what you know and watch people just like you, or go with what you’d like to know and watch anal sex videos featuring the world’s hottest porn stars. Either way you come out on top. If you are a bro!

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Posted By admin on 10/30/12 - Bookmark Anal Sex Dolls


Girls make it almost too damn easy to impress them. Most chicks have nothing save for their looks. So impressing them is as simple as having a boat. Of course if they want to ride on said boat they are going to have to do some dirty work. I don’t mean scrubbing the floors. I mean letting the captain tap their tight teen asses!

In this case Captain Stabbin was able to perform a double dip on these two lassies. As it turned out the blonde was into girls and the brunette was into anything that felt good. She offered up both her tits to the girl and her pussy to the Captain’s mast.

The site updates weekly and is a corner stone site to the Reality Kings network. You get three daily updates and none of the hassles the other guys are giving you. These guys really are the kings of porn. And Stabbin really is a Captain!

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